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My second DD!

Thu Nov 10, 2011, 3:06 PM

I can't believe it, I was awarded a daily deviation today for my recent martini glass photo. I am honestly shaking, I am so excited and honoured. Thank you so much to xthumbtakx for suggestion and to Kaz-D for featuring me. I am overwhelmed. I would have never expected this in a million years.

Neon Violet by jenniferstuber

What makes this award mean even more to me is that it was on a piece of work I did for school. For those who don't know, I'm currently attending college for photography and I am in my second year. I have been struggling greatly these past two months with my classes which is why I have not been posting much. I have not feeling very confident in my school work but this... it just makes me feel incredible to know that I'm moving in the right direction. Words cannot express how grateful and wonderful I feel.

I'd like to take this time to thank all of my friends and followers as well for sticking with me over all of these years, you are all wonderful and I appreciate every single one of you.

Thank you.


Thank you all so much!

Thu Mar 4, 2010, 6:52 PM

Thank you everyone. I am blown away, one of my pieces from my Black series has been given a DD! I literally had a heart-attack when I logged into deviantART today and saw the amount of messages I had. I still didn't believe it until I clicked on my photo and there it was. That little box below my photo. I know this sounds silly, but I really did start to tear up. Most of you don't know me well but I have been going through some tough things with my family, but this has put a huge smile on my face that can't be erased.

Black Bow by jenniferstuber

It means the world to me that people like my work. Just last week I found out that I had been accepted to college I really wanted to attend for photography! I have been having doubtful thoughts about my work and my decisions about my future, this came at a wonderful time for me. It is unbelievable how supportive complete strangers have been to me. You are wonderful people, thank you deviantART. Special thank you to kkart for featuring my photo and to everyone who suggested it. You are wonderful. :)

I will make another journal a little later, I have a ton more I want to tell you guys (college, school, work, my birthday in 3 days, etc). :)

PS: My 50k is only about 500 pageviews away! Make sure you read the rules:…

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Costa Rica Trip

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2008, 7:34 PM
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As I have mentioned previously I will be going on a biology trip to Costa Rica over this March Break! I have yet to reveal much information so this journal is dedicated to just that.

I will be leaving for Costa Rica on March 6th (the day before my birthday!) at 3AM and driving to Toronto. We then fly to Newark, to Houston,and then to San Jose and arrive at about 10PM. It's going to be a long flight I can tell you that with lots of connecting flights. Once we finally get there though it will be worth it!

The Day-By-Day Itinerary</u>
I just copied this from the tourism website. x3

Day 1 San José
Flight to Costa Rica • Your adventure begins as you board your flight to Costa Rica.
Arrival in San José • Touch down in San José, the country’s bustling capital and cultural center. Founded in 1737 as “Villa Nueva de la Boca del Monte del Valle de Abra,” the city’s name was later changed to honor its patron saint, Saint Joseph.
Hotel transfer • After clearing customs and immigration, meet your bilingual guide, who will remain with you throughout your stay. A private motorcoach then takes you to your hotel.

Day 2 San José • Arenal Region (My birthday!)
Visit to INBioparque • Learn about biological diversity as we visit this theme park and research station created by the National Institute of Biodiversity. Get up-close and personal with tarantulas, frogs, bees and butterflies in the permanent exhibits, or walk through the three different ecosystem trails. Explore the plant life in the lagoon before admiring the butterfly garden. Stop by the Ecological Tourism Office on your way out for further information on Costa Rica’s protected land areas.
Poás Volcano • Continue along a scenic 22-mile drive overlooking the Central Valley as you make your way to the Poás Volcano. This still-active volcano is part of Costa Rica’s most developed national park. Here, you can see one of the largest craters in the world (about a mile wide and 300 meters deep), whose hot sulfurous lake changes color with volcanic activity. From a lookout point, see geysers and active fumaroles; in addition, a 20-minute hike uphill rewards you with a view of the jewel-like Botos Lake, which occupies an extinct crater.
Visit to the hot springs • Experience the relaxation properties of natural hot springs, filled with water heated by nearby volcanoes and channeled into pools. It’s an ideal way to soothe muscles after the day’s activities! Transfer to Arenal • Journey west across the Central Valley to Arenal. This area is one of the world’s major coffee producers.

Day 3 Arenal Region
Kayaking on Lake Arenal • Get ready for an adventure to remember—kayaking along Lake Arenal. Picture-perfect scenery surrounds you, including mountains, windmills and the Arenal Volcano, as you navigate the lake. Visit to La Fortuna Waterfall • One of Costa Rica’s most spectacular waterfalls, La Fortuna is located within the thick jungle of the Arenal Rainforest. You’ll pass some impressive scenery (keep your camera ready for wildlife photos) as you walk to the top of the waterfall. You may also have time to make the breathtaking downhill climb to the waterfall’s base.

Day 4 Arenal Region • Monteverde
Transfer to Monteverde • Continue through the mountainous scenery to the Monteverde (Green Mountain) Reserve. The reserve was settled in 1951 by a group of Alabama Quakers; attracted by the country’s pacifist history, they began dairy farming here. In 1972, the area became the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, a private nonprofit reserve with six distinct ecological zones containing a wide range of spectacular flora and fauna.
Optional transfer on horseback to Monteverde • Opt to explore Monteverde on horseback!
Your bus will head to La Cruz de Monteverde, where horses and guides will be awaiting your arrival. During your two-and-ahalf- hour trip, you will stop at a local school, where you’ll interact with Costa Rican students and have the opportunity to sample homemade refreshments. Afterwards, the bus will take you back to your hotel in Monteverde.

Day 5 Monteverde
Half-day at Santa Elena Cloud Forest •
Explore the spectacular Santa Elena Cloud Forest, a paradise rich in diverse plant and animal life and situated near the Continental Divide. Warm northeasterly trade winds, filled with moisture, blow in over the Atlantic. As the winds sweep up to the Continental Divide, they cool and condense to form clouds, bathing the forest in a constant soft mist. The cloud forest averages 12 feet of rain annually! Look for bromeliads and orchids as well as brightly colored quetzals among the lush flora. Until recently, the reserve was one of only two places in the world that was home to the now extinct golden toad (sapo dorado). Leave your mark on the Earth when you plant a tree in the EF reserve—future generations will appreciate the oxygen!
Canopy tour • On our canopy tour, you will make like the birds and monkeys who call the cloud forest home. Special trails, suspension footbridges and zip lines unveil one of the planet’s most fascinating ecological systems from a unique perspective—the tops of the trees. With local expert guides at your side, you can decide which view you prefer—from below or from above!

Day 6 Monteverde • Central Pacific Coast
Visit to Carara Reserve • Follow the coastline south to the Carara Reserve, a national park that boasts a dazzling population of rare wildlife. Be on the lookout for scarlet macaws, boat-billed herons, motmots and roseate spoonbills among the lush vines and ancient trees that make up the park’s dense jungle.
Transfer to the Central Pacific Coast •
Transfer to the breathtaking Central Pacific Coast, where sandy beaches, a rocky coastline and lush rainforests act as a magnet for travelers.

Day 7 Central Pacific Coast
Optional excursion to Manuel Antonio National Park • Join an optional excursion along the shoreline to Manuel Antonio National Park, known for its lush jungle vegetation and white, sandy beaches. This beautiful 716-acre park is home to both the squirrel monkey and the two-toed sloth.

Day 8 Puntarenas Region • San José
Transfer via Sarchí • Your full-day transfer toSan José begins via picturesque Sarchí, a town known for the brightly painted designs and colorful wheels that adorn local oxcarts. The complex patterns are passed down from one generation
to the next.
Fiesta Night • During our Costa Rican Fiesta Night, learn about the rich cultural traditions of the region as you enjoy a traditional meal, marimba music and entertainment by a local dance troupe.

Day 9 Home
Return home • Your tour director assists with the transfer to the airport, where you’ll check in for your return flight home.

To get home we leave San Jose on March 14 at about 3PM and fly to Houston, and then to Newark. Here is the worst part, we don't get to fly to Toronto until 7AM so we'll be stick in Newark for several hours. -_- At 7 though we fly to Toronto and arrive home at around 9AM on March 15.

My two very good friends are going as well so it's going to be awesome. I think there is like 40 kids all together or something, not completely sure. It's going to be amazing. We are going to be going to the beach and doing some swimming which I am excited for. Of course the thing I'm most excited about it the photography experience! Costa Rica has such a huge variety of animals, plus it's a beautiful place. I'm so excited my heart swells just thinking about it!

I really need to work on submitting my Florida photos. :lol:

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